Somewhere in Space, Around a Dying Star



The old freighter had been sitting in orbit around the dying sun for at least a couple of millennia now. Some of the hull had been flaking off bit by bit, sometimes a compartment or room would collapse and the air inside would rush out along with some random debris, all glittering in the sunlight. The ship was obviously falling apart, but the life support systems and the automatic orbit compensators were mostly intact on a majority of the decks. Not that it really mattered to either of the two who were aboard.

In the dusk of one of the rooms, in the shade from the sun, she looks at him and he looks at her. She takes a few steps forward, a perfectly sculpted woman, her face is something you would write poems about if you could see it. She smiles in a sort of absentminded way like a comet coming around for a never-ending turn. The man is an Adonis in body, perfectly toned muscles and amazing proportions everywhere. His eyes sparkle with a brown tint most women would fall in love with in a second. His hair is short, but well groomed, styled in a hairdo that seemingly says “I’m sophisticated, but beware, the tiger that lurks below”

The man stretches out his hand and she takes it. He leads her to the bed, taking his time and gently ushering her towards it. His hands gently brush up against her body in all the sensitive places. She suddenly stops, letting his naked sex press against her back side.. leaning backwards and looking up at him. They share a kiss.. like a thinly veiled promise which then deepens into a more intense reality. She leans over slight, subtly shifting her body so that he can see her breasts. His eyes dart all over her body as his hand reaches down to cup her left breast in the palm of his hand. She gasps and with a giggle gets on the bed and faces him, all naked and with no shame.

He kneels in front of her.. letting his lips and his tongue tease her ever so gently, but without reaching for her sensitive spots. Slowly, with a practiced ease, his hands briefly brushes over her breasts, making her nipples stiff as he brings his mouth close to each one of them, giving them the attention they require. He kisses her stomach downwards, but skips over her wet, sensitive spot, leaving that for later. His lips impress on her thighs as his hands squeeze and massage her ass, he’s teasing her slowly, as he’s done so many times before. Throughout his gentle stimulation, she gasps and moans a few times as well. Then he seemingly refocuses his attention on her center, that wet clit and pussy, as he pushes apart her legs with a sudden fierceness. She produces a mocking, shocked smile, but allows him to continue as he brings his tongue and lips and fingers down to tease her folds and her clit in the old practiced ways.

It doesn’t take long before her body shudders and she explodes in an orgasm, panting, moaning and saying his name. A sound that means nothing in the scope of things. In an old husk of a ship, drifting around a dead star. Two specks in the cosmic night, carving out a niche for themselves in an unlikely place. She gets up and motions for him gently to sit on the bed, he does so with rapt attention, his cock standing straight up, that as well, much like her pussy, a true work of art. A bit of precum leaks from the tip as she takes her finger and puts it on the tip, siphoning it up and putting it against her lips with a ravishing smile, seemingly tasting it.


But she doesn’t go for the prize immediately either, she spends some time teasing his nipples, making sure they’re stiff as well. Meanwhile, her hands are busy playing with his thighs and balls. They both know exactly what they’re doing after all. But after some more teasing, he takes her head in his hands and guides her mouth to his cock, seemingly impatient. She smirks and licks the tip a few times, letting her tongue ride up and down the shaft before she plunges his cock deep inside of her mouth. He braces himself against the bed and moans as she did a few moments before. She sucks with efficient and ravenous strokes as his cock pulsates in her mouth, getting closer and closer to exploding. But after a while, he beckons her to stop. They share a look and they kiss again, this time it’s clear it’s a harsh and intense kiss. The time for teasing has ended and now it’s time for the real action to begin.

They shift sides on the bed, she on her back, with her legs spread and a lurid smile, him with eyes wide open with lust as he lowers himself and pushes his cock deep inside of her wet pussy. For a while, he moves forward and back and the slapping of his balls accentuates her moans. It’s just the two of them here, alone on the bed, alone in this condemned solar system, alone in this quadrant even. As the fury of the sun next to them flares up, they both also explode into a frenzy of action. Nibbling, kissing, clawing, moaning, fucking harshly together. His cock leaking precum into her pussy, her pussy so ready and wet and aroused and ready for his load. But, they’re not done yet. They shift position so he’s on his back. She takes the opportunity to plunge her mouth down on his cock, sucking it clean from her juices and then she straddles him and guides his hands up to her breasts where he teases her as she begins fucking him instead now.

When she impales herself on his cock over and over, he moans more loudly, clearly reacting stronger to the increased stimuli of her tight pussy squeezing down on his member. As his hands go down to squeeze and guide her ass, her own hands goes up to her breasts and she plays with them and shows off to him. Then she suddenly stops and bites her lower lip with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

She gets off him and he moves off the bed and to the side, knowing what’s to come next as she bares her ass for him, clearly intending him to take her in all of her holes. The man doesn’t miss a beat as he licks his fingers and gently probes her tight hole, lubing it up as best he can. She moans deep inside of her throat, clearly reacting strongly to his probing, but she doesn’t flinch. She patiently stays still as his fingers increasingly widen her anus enough for him to be able to start teasing it with his big cock. When he pushes his tip against her butt and it starts sliding inside, she makes a half surprised O-face, but then her features tighten up as she begins rubbing her clit in rhythm with his cock going in and out of her ass. They go at it for a while, the man starting off slowly, only to pick up the pace faster and faster. His balls slapping against her pussy, her fingers deftly manipulating her folds and her clit for maximum intensity. Their moans being muted in the room they’re in, the dusk still reigning supreme in the space they share.

Their mutual dance builds up to a crescendo as his cock and balls finally get ready to ejaculate inside of her, her ass is pliant, yielding, ready to devour his load. As the pace picks up into a feverish pitch, the mans body briefly twitches once.. and then twice and then hers begin doing the same. Then instantly, they both freeze for a long time, mid-thrust. Their bodies perfectly still as a drop of mixed precum and her juices hits the bed. The bed spread has a big mouldy black spot, because this isn’t the first time it’s happened, nor will it be the last.

After a period of a few minutes, they both make a few whirring sounds and then he pulls out of her harshly. He stiffly walks over to the same spot he stood before he started and she gets up from the bed as her fluids leak down her pristine leg, and returns to her spot in front of him. Their faces now vacant and empty as the day they were unpacked from their boxes as they arrived on the ship.

Now they stand there staring at each other, the heat of the sun against the ship generates enough warmth inside that their fluids over time evaporate again. In the dusk of the room, in the shade from the sun, she looks at him and he looks at her. She takes a few steps forward, she smiles in a sort of absentminded way like a comet coming around for a never-ending turn…….

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