About this blog

Hi everyone and welcome to the Fairy Collective’s art blog. We are a tulpamancy collective that’s creating art in collaboration with one-another. Sometimes it’s serious stuff, sometimes it’s just silly stupid crap, but we do aim for quality whenever possible.

After all, if we wouldn’t want to read or listen to it, why should you?

If you’re more interested in the tulpamancy aspect of our collective, please head over to our other blog which focuses more on that part of our lives. If you’re wondering what tulpa is, please check this link for a simple run-down of the concept.¬†

Also, this blog features stories which contain pretty much anything you could put a trigger warning for. That means NSFW/NSFL should be expected. While other social media requires that I label our posts accordingly, I’m honestly fucking done with doing so for our blog. This is your only and final warning. If you have a sensitive disposition, turn back now, this is as nice as it gets.

 With that said, please enjoy your stay and feel free to comment!

/Wondrous Fairy (Collective host)