A Taste Of Victory

Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/user-427260418/wf-a-sad-russian

I sit in a skyscraper at the edge of the city. I stare through the window into the irradiated outside and I see victory.

They came, they blustered, they bragged. They lost.

I see the shells of the former proud skyscrapers, our factories, our streets and our neighborhoods, all destroyed. But we won.

I see the future ending in the fluctuations of that radiation in front of me, outside of this glass. If I were exposed, I would die in minutes. I think of our fathers and mothers and children, all gone. Blasted away in this storm. They could not withstand the might of it. They failed.

I see the raging storms tearing down yet another building, breaking down the last remnants of history that was once our beautiful nation. It is no more.

We stood fast until the end. And I am the last of my country..

I slam the last shot of vodka in the world and I grin to myself.

I think I need a bit of fresh air.